CycloVET (vocational education and training VET)

improving the skills and competences of cycling instructors for European territories

Project duration 01.10.2015 to 01.10.2017


'National Technical University of Athens - NTUA

Sustainable Mobility Unit (SMU) of NTUA was founded in 1998 by Professor Thanos Vlastos, aims to analyze and promote
policies in the field of sustainable mobility (cycling, walking and public transport)

City of Graz

Introduction of Cycling Training Graz has considerable experience in the introduction of Cycling Training in specific groups and contexts as demonstrated by his involvement
EU CIVITAS Trendsetter (2002-2006).

TECLA Association of Italian Local Authorities,

TECLA contribute to the development of CycloVET ESCO recommendations and coordinate efforts to promote and implement the policy position paper approval.


the company recently set up in Greece with experienced staff, designs and develops educational and training games and offers vocational training for social skills with innovative methodologies, focused on game-based learning. EXELIA develop a board game and a history of online application simulations and branching contribute to the steps towards the integration of cycling instructors expertise in ESCO. It will also contribute to the development of pedagogical methodology and the test material and organize a multiplier event in Greece.

Cycling instructor Ltd

We will lead the training course design description develop pedagogical methodology and specifications for learning materials. Also there will be co-developing the materials and the exam corresponding materials and tools and to contribute to activities relating to the approval of the recommendations to integrate CycloVET results in ESCO. Finally it will spread Planning & AMP; activities and organize an event multiplier IN THE UNITED KINGDOM.

The skills and complementarity

The partnership was formed to ensure that the five partners to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve the project objectives.

- NTUA (GR) specializes in urban mobility management, it has the ability to design and development of curricula and training materials, and brings all the technical competence in the management of EU co-financed projects.

- TECLA (IT), as a union of local and regional authorities territorial governments throughout Italy, acts as a facilitator of innovation and change, has skills in guiding and mobilization of local councils to encourage built their skills and has experience in policies relevant lobbying activities.

- Graz (AUT), as the second largest city in Austria, brings experience in the implementation of changes in the urban environment and mobility management, the ability to identify the training needs in the territorial governments as well as skills in advocacy campaigns.

- EXELIA (GR) brings the ability in the process of learning development of innovative pedagogical approaches, by employing advanced training delivery methods and using the Enhanced learning technology as well as consulting services regarding the qualifications of problems.

- CI (UK) is a leading provider of training accumulated experience and expertise in the development of cycling training curricula, design and delivery of training cycling facilities and material development for training.