Project objectives

CycloVET ( VET Vocational Education and Training)

Improving skills and competences of cycling instructors for European territories

Project duration 1-10-2015 to 01-10-2017


CycloVET intends to address these needs in training and qualifications, by creating a common European training course for cycling instructors. The main objectives of the project are to:

Obj 1: Define the appropriate and necessary skills and competences for cycling instructors;

Obj 2: Develop a coherent pedagogic methodology and specifications for training materials;

Obj 3: Design, develop and validate training materials, tools and game-based approaches to learning;

Obj 4: Develop a pilot examination scheme for certifying instructors;

Obj 5: Establish links between training programs for cycling instructors and the labour market, through their adoption and promotion by territorial public administrations;

Obj 6: To identify and promote mutually accepted trainers’ skills in the ESCO framework.

Intellectual Outputs

  • Training Course Outline
  • Definition of Learning Outcomes.
  • Pedagogic Methodology
  • Specifications for the Educational Materials
  • Course materials and Examination Scheme
  • Teaching materials
  • Examination Scheme for Trainers
  • Game Based Learning Materials
  • Board game “The return of the cyclist”
  • Branching story simulation online application “Cycle to Safety”
  • Guidelines on the use of road safety parks in a contemporary training programme for cycling instructors.
  • Knowledge resources for territorial public administrations to strengthen the education and training paths of prospective and practicing cycling instructors
  • Recommendations and endorsement for the integration of cycling instructors’ skills in ESCO
  • Development of the recommendations to Integrate CycloVET results in the ESCO Framework
  • Actions and resources to promote adoption of the CycloVET recommendations by ESCO